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Education Volunteer Partner Opportunities


Teacher Training

Trained teachers impact hundreds, and even thousands of current and future students. Therefore, such a “teacher training leveraging/multiplier effect” has a major impact in changing the lives of children and communities in developing countries. Short and long term volunteer opportunities to train teachers (at the K-12 level) are currently available. Specific (e.g., Christian/Biblical Ethics, English as a Second Language, Mathematics and Science), as well as general (e.g., effective teaching methods) teacher training opportunities are available in developing countries, such as Haiti.

teacher training haiti


God is using this Christian school program for very poor Haitian children in an amazing and powerful way. These bright Haitian children are changed and are becoming outstanding Christian leaders to transform families, their community and Haiti



God is using this effective teacher training and management program for public school teachers and administrators to develop new Christian leaders in Ukraine. (Volunteer needs are currently met)

teacher training ukraine

Strategic Planning & Education Program Support

In addition to teacher training CTE assists Christian nonprofit organizations in less developed countries with strategic planning in support of resource development to achieve their vision. (Please click here to email about current and future volunteer opportunities) There is also a great need for the development of education curriculum/program support for job creation and community economic development in less developed countries. After requests for education program support are reviewed, new specific volunteer opportunities will be announced.

teacher training haiti




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